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Substance addiction is a chronic disease: It can’t be cured, but it can be managed with the help of the right rehab recovery programs. Many people with an addiction are in denial, and they believe they can control their drinking or drug use. However, an abrupt withdrawal from a substance can lead to debilitating symptoms and serious health risks.

One of the goals of rehab recovery programs is to help patients break the chemical and psychological dependency that comes with addiction. Long-term recovery can be achieved with the right addiction treatment therapy and aftercare. Find an effective treatment program by calling Drug Treatment Centers Homestead at (786) 752-3472.

Types of Rehab Recovery Programs

A few styles of therapy are used by most addiction rehab recovery programs. These evidence-based therapeutic formats have proven to be effective. One of the most popular therapeutic formats for the treatment of addiction is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). While CBT was originally developed to help recovering alcoholics prevent relapse, it is now used to treat any kind of substance addiction and many other issues.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on the theory that a person’s thoughts have a strong influence on their behavior. During CBT sessions, patients work to develop coping techniques. They learn to recognize destructive thought patterns and replace them with new, positive thoughts. Patients also learn to identify the situations that may trigger the urge to use again and create a strategy to avoid or handle them.

Motivational interviewing is another therapeutic format that can be helpful in addiction treatment. Many patients lack the desire and commitment to quit their addiction and complete treatment; a motivational approach to therapy can help them overcome this ambivalence.

In motivational interviewing sessions, the therapist and patient collaborate, and the therapist attempts to understand the situation from the patient’s perspective. The therapist doesn’t tell the patient to change: The inspiration must come from within the patient.

One factor that can improve the odds of an individual’s long-term recovery is strong family support, so it’s become common to incorporate family therapy into a treatment plan for substance addiction. Family members can learn how to communicate better with their recovering loved one and help the person stick to their recovery plan. Addiction can cause lasting damage to relationships in a family, but therapy sessions that include family members can help repair the damage and move forward.

Therapeutic Techniques for Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment centers use many therapeutic techniques to treat patients. Some of these techniques may be based on the fundamental models of addiction treatment, and others may be alternative forms of therapy.

Restorative yoga is an alternative therapy that can act as a valuable complement to standard addiction treatment. The meditation, physical postures and controlled breathing applied in yoga class empowers participants and gives them a sense of inner peace. These skills can enable individuals to handle the challenges of recovery once they leave the treatment center.

Another therapeutic technique that can assist in relapse prevention is biofeedback. Biofeedback practitioners use a variety of medical instruments to gauge a participant’s current blood pressure, temperature, muscle tension and heart rate. Participants get instant feedback about their readings; over time, they learn how to recognize certain thought patterns that influence these levels and adjust them accordingly.

Neurofeedback is a specialized area of biofeedback that examines the brain’s activity. An electroencephalography (EEG) machine is used to provide information about a participant’s brain activity. Patients use this information to learn how to be calmer, suppress cravings and release painful memories. Some treatment centers that incorporate neurofeedback in their treatment plans have reported a dramatic reduction in the relapse rates of participants.

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