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Homestead Recovery Programs

Homestead recovery programs include SMART Recovery, which stands for Self Management for Addiction Recovery Training. The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program is adapted for use in recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Results have shown it is effective in treating addiction.

Founded in 1994, SMART Recovery holds meetings for those wishing to participate. Treatment centers incorporate the program by conducting SMART meetings as part of an overall rehab plan.

Participants meet to discuss controlling and abstaining from drugs or alcohol. Other types of addictive behavior are also discussed, such as compulsive activities, for example gambling, shopping, gaming and eating food. Each person regards recovery as his or her own responsibility. The use of self-empowerment and personal choice is emphasized.

If you would like to learn more about SMART Recovery and other treatment therapy options, contact drug rehab centers in Homestead. Get started on your journey to recovery today by dialing (786) 752-3472. 

The Four Points

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program lists four main points that the tools and techniques will help improve as:

1 – Build and Maintain Motivation

2 – Learning How to Cope with Urges

3 – Learn How to Manage Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors

4 – Living a Balanced Life

The SMART Recovery approach is different from 12-step programs. Rather than having to follow a 12-step program which emphasizes powerlessness, it teaches self-directed approaches and self-empowerment (as opposed to surrendering) including:

. Teaching to find own self-power and reliance on self.

. Attending educational, supportive and open discussion sessions.

. Encourages addicts in recovery to have satisfying lives.

. Educates on methods for directing change from within.

. Supports the use of psychological treatments

. Supports legally prescribed psychiatric and addiction medication.

. Considers abuse and addiction to substances as complex dysfunctional behaviors with possible physiological factors.

. Modifies as scientific research in addiction recovery advances.

It’s important to note that SMART Recovery approves of using a 12-step program, and other programs, as these are self-directed and self-empowering choices.

Relapse Prevention

Maintaining a lifestyle balance is the goal of the 4 Points, and relapse is avoided mostly by wanting to live a balanced lifestyle. Relapse would lead to unbalance. Those not in a Homestead rehab recovery center can make SMART meetings a part of their lives by participating in widely available network of meetings, similar to the availability of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and can attend face-to-face, by posting to message boards, visiting internet chat rooms or online meetings. SMART Recovery can help you conquer your addiction and help you live a happier life. Call drug treatment centers in Homestead when you are ready to take your life back.

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