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The best response after finding out that a loved one is abusing drugs is to be open and honest. However, Homestead Drug treatment Centers understand how difficult it can be to confront a loved one about illicit drugs or an alcohol abuse problem. But studies show that when family members stage a substance abuse intervention, those in addiction are 90% more likely to enter drug treatment centers than those who do not. It has also been shown that most family members do not confront drug abuse until it has caused serious and even irreparable damage

Through the services of an interventionist, Jacksonville Drug Treatment Centers help loved ones to plan and execute successful interventions. Due to the sensitive nature of addiction, it is important that this process is handled with compassion and understanding. A professional interventionist help to transition patients directly from the intervention to our drug treatment centers. This step is critical to the process because addicts are prone to withdraw their decision to accept help if there is a time lag between the intervention and admission into a treatment facility. Call Drug Treatment Centers Homestead today at (786) 752-3472.

The Intervention Model

Our drug interventionist help loved one to understand exactly what needs to occur before, during and after a drug intervention. The goal of any drug or alcohol intervention halt habitual drug use and the numerous consequences associated with addiction. When an intervention is successful, the addict get a clear understanding that they have a progressive brain disease and, like any other chronic illness needs specialized medical attention to overcome. The drug intervention process includes…

  • Contacting a drug interventionist to discuss the particular problem facing the family relevant to addiction.
  • The interventionist will assist family in the preparatory steps such as meeting with family members to decide who will participate in the intervention.
  • Conducting a pre-intervention meeting to review the goals and the overall procedures. This process help to highlight anything thing that could negatively impact the intervention
  • Designating someone to oversee and guide the intervention. This could be a family member or the interventionist.
  • Deciding on steps that loved ones will have to take if the addict adamantly refuses to enter a treatment program. This involves giving them an ultimatum or consequence for this refusal.
  • Choosing an appropriate time and place to conduct the intervention. A neutral location that is private, comfortable and safe is just as important as making sure that the person in addiction is not inebriated at the time of the intervention.
  • Pre-arrangements for immediate admission into a treatment center if the addict agree to get help.

During the intervention, family members aided by the interventionist are able to talk about how the addiction has affected them and their relationship with the person in addiction. Through a united front, loved ones are able to communicate to the addict that the addictive behavior is unacceptable and there is hope for help through drug or alcohol rehabilitation. In this intervention model, consequences for rejecting help are important, especially if children are involved.

Professional interventionists at Homestead Drug Treatment Centers understand the nuances of addiction. As such they are able to intercept the defensive and manipulative tactics that addicts often use to get out of going into treatment. Family members who try to stage interventions without help are often unprepared to handle these emotional outbursts or subtle maneuvers that can completely derail the ultimate goal of the intervention. A substance abuse interventionist can assist in varying ways. Whether they oversee the intervention process or offer suggestions and guidance so that the message can be cohesive and non-judgmental, talking to a professional interventionist can help you to stage an effective meeting.

If it is time to confront a loved one with a substance abuse problem that is causing harm to themselves and others we can help. Call Drug Treatment Centers Homestead today at (786) 752-3472 for a consultation on how to stage a successful drug or alcohol intervention.

About Homestead

Nestled between Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park, Homestead is located in Dade County in Miami, Florida. Over 64,079 people call this area home. Homestead is primarily a suburb with a lot of agricultural properties. Many residents in other areas of Miami travel to Homestead farms to purchase fruit directly from farmers. Next to Miami, Homestead is the second oldest city in Dade County. The city gained its name somewhat by a fluke. According to the story, construction materials and supplies for homesteading that was sent by rail to the area was marked “homestead” by the engineers which was shortened for “Homesteading country.” In 1992, Homestead was one of the areas in Dade County that was severely devastated by Hurricane Andrew. After this Category 5 hurricane, the city underwent a major rebuild and is completely restored today.

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